Pros and Cons Of Importing A Car

“The earphones she uses are from Germany, the shoes he wore yesterday were from Japan, she is always very well-dressed as her wardrobe is never from the country.”

We are conditioned to associate imported products with wealth. Using imported stuff has been considered a sign of richness since ages. And why wouldn’t it? Its technology, quality, and overall appearance is unique and alluring.

Imported cars were initially only owned by stars, tycoons, and affluent people, but as awareness increased, the import of cars has become a regular practice. Despite being time-consuming and more daunting than getting cars locally, people still choose to import cars.

Let’s begin to understand the pros and cons of importing a car –


1] Affordability: Buying a car is many times a major milestone in people’s life. Generally people go for local car dealers and get their cars at the stated price. The local car dealers add on mark up on cost of the car, which makes it expensive. You can get the same car at a reduced price when imported, many times with more advancements in the car tech. Imported cars, though sounding unaffordable, are more convenient than locally purchased cars.

2] Quality: The car you buy might be your first and last, or a first to the many cars you get in the future. Imported cars are very well-maintained and hence are of superior quality. They are open to modification, to suit your needs. Sometimes when importing used cars, they show up with dents, troubles or tampering with mileage, which you weren’t informed of previously.

This is where a reliable service like Clearit car importing can prove to be a great help. They ensure you get a good and well-checked car, the one you opted for.

3] Wide variety: Not only do imported cars come in better quality but there’s a huge variety available when considering car import. You get to choose the price and car model out of the various models available, which cannot be found under single local dealer.

A few cons include-

▪︎ Importing process can be tedious

▪︎No physical inspection of the car’s condition

▪︎Increasing scams in the import-export business.

All the cons can be easily tackled by getting assistance from a reputed service agency. Various agencies provide services with professional custom brokers who handle your task for you and get you your dream car without inconvenience.


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