4 Delicious Dining Spots in Batam that You Must Try!

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You are tasting local cuisine while on vacation is an important plan that you should not miss. Moreover, if the menu served is your favorite food, surely you will be very satisfied. Almost all tourist attractions now have several good places to eat in it. If you are planning a trip to Batam island, some of commendations for places to eat in this article might be a clue that can satisfy your appetite while on vacation.

  • De’ Sampan

This restaurant is a restaurant that serves the best seafood dishes in Batam. You can order various types of processed fish and marine animals here. If you order a dish of processed fish here, you will be allowed to choose the fish ingredients you want to use. In other words, here you can choose the type of fish you want as well as how to cook it.

The fish dishes that you can eat here are Pomfret Fish, Saba fish, and Snapper. In addition to the processed fish menu, you can also eat several seafood dishes here, one of which is Gong-Gong.

Gong-Gong is a dish of white shellfish typical of Batam. This dish is made by steaming. The way to eat this dish is similar to eating Tutut, typical of Sundanese cuisine, namely by inserting a toothpick into the hole of the white clamclamshellu has to be patient and careful when eating Gong-Gong because the hole in the shell is very small. Here you can also enjoy a delicious barbecue. Even De Sampan has many variants of barbecue that you can order.

  • RM Mie Tarempa

Another must-try Batam specialty is Mie Tarempa. This is a dish of slightly flattened noodles, then mixed with meat. The mixture of meat in this noodle consists of chicken, beef, or fish. However, the most commonly used is dried tuna meat. These noodles can be eaten wet, moist, or dry.

According to customer experience, the highly recommended noodle menu at RM Mie Tarempa is noodles with a moist texture. In terms of taste, the moist Tarempa Mie here has a chewy taste with delicious gravy.

Mie Tarempa will be more delicious if you eat it with Luti Gendang. Luti Gendang is a typical Batam bread that is small and oval. In addition, the bread usually contains shredded fish and chicken.

  • RM Yong Kee Special Soup Seafood

Fish Soup is one of Batam’s delicious dishes that you must taste. If you want to enjoy this dish, then Yong Kee Istimewa Soup Seafood is a highly recommended place to eat. Fish Soup is a fish-based dish (usual mackerel) mixed with shrimp, squid, noodles, fried onions; mustard greens; lettuce, and tomatoes. Usually, this dish is topped with chopped green cayenne pepper mixed with soy sauce for added delicacy.

The portion served at RM Yong Kee is quite large, making sure your stomach is empty when you come to this restaurant. Here you can also order other delicious menus such as Flour Fried Squid, Gong Gong; and Brains.

  • Lesehan Mitra Mall

Mitra Mall offers the sensation of a delicious lesehan meal in Batam. This place to eat in the Mitra Mall area has many food menu offerings that can be ordered, ranging from typical Riau Islands food to other popular foods such as Mi Tek-Tek, Bakso, and Pecel rice. You can eat a number of these menus in the available lesehan area. This place is best visited at night because you will feel the sensation of eating lesehan while breathing in the night air and the twinkling of the moon and stars.

Vacation is more than just the food, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Batam by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.


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