Spectrum TV network: what do they have to offer?

Spectrum TV is a part of the Charter communication network. It is responsible for providing consumer cable television, wireless internet services as well as mobile phone services to its clients. The brand Spectrum came into existence in the year 2014 after the acquisition of Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications.

At the moment, Spectrum TV network has three different TV plans to offer their customers.

Spectrum TV Select:

This plan offers over 125 channels to their users with free HD availability and DVR service.

Spectrum TV Silver

Spectrum TV Silver offers over 175 channels to their users along with availability of free HD and DVR service. Pay-per-view options are also available on Spectrum TV Silver.

Spectrum TV Gold

Spectrum TV Gold is the highest TV planet amongst all the three plans in Spectrum network. They offer over 200 channels to the users. 


The offers of Spectrum don’t end here. Spectrum also has Spectrum TV choice as well as Spectrum TV essentials to offer to their customers. Spectrum TV choice has channels which are mainly involved in local broadcasting. If you go for Spectrum TV choice, you have an option where you can choose 10 cable channels in addition to the channels that are already a part of your subscription plan depending on the TV plan you have chosen. You can use the Spectrum TV choice to make a customized channel lineup for yourself. Premium channels can also be added to this option easily by paying an extra amount.


Spectrum TV essentials

Spectrum TV essential has a line-up of 62 channels. These can also be added to your current channel lineup and TV package.


Spectrum TV stream as well as Spectrum TV essential need users to avail the Spectrum internet connection as well. This is because these two streaming options are dependent on the internet to bring you your favorite shows and series.


As i has been mentioned before, Spectrum has three different TV plans available for their users. Spectrum also offers phone and internet services. You can either choose to go for only the TV service or you can bundle your TV service along with phone and internet service depending on your preference. If you choose to go for all the services, you will be paying a very nominal amount every month and get all three services. If you are a person who has a tight budget and needs good TV cable, phone as well as internet services, Spectrum network should be your network of choice.


First pick a TV plan. Once you have the TV plan picked, bundling becomes very easy. Just add the phone and internet service to your plan and you are ready to go.


Customers have noticed that the payment for the TV plan tends to increase in the second year of them availing Spectrum services. In case this happens with you, you can always contact representatives of the Spectrum network via Numero Telefonico. The customer service representatives of Spectrum are very helpful and have sound technical knowledge. They have the knowledge of current promotional offers available with Spectrum network. You can apply any of these promotional offers and get your rates reduced. Alternatively, if you face any problem with your internet or TV or phone connection, they will help resolve the issue in the fastest manner possible.


Why should you choose Spectrum TV network over all others

  • Availability of a plethora of channels pertaining to news, movies, documentaries, history channels etc
  • The option of adding and removing channels as per the customers needs and preferences.
  • Availability of three different TV plans
  • Very affordable even in tight budgets
  • Provides all latest movies, music, sports, and shows in one package.
  • There are many options to customise your TV package so that it is perfectly suited to your needs and requirements.
  • Channels are available in multiple languages. You can choose a language which is favourable to you.
  • You can contact the customer service in case of any difficulty with the TV connection, internet connection or phone services. 
  • Wide variety of channels available in every TV plan. Even the lowest TV plan has over 125 channels to offer.


The only problem that customers of Spectrum have reported is that sometimes the prices go a bit over the budget. If you choose to opt for a new channel, it may become a little bit heavy on your monthly budget. Sometimes dealing with technical issues also becomes difficult. Customer service may take a long while to respond or to get your problem solved.


To be honest, this is part and parcel of the TV and phone industry. Problems happen everywhere. However, you can always contact them on their toll-free number whenever you face a problem. They try their best to help.


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