Safety Tips To Remember While Operating A Lab Oven

Lab ovens are standard equipment found in most labs for thermal convection applications. They are used for heat sterilization and can heat the entire unit regardless of the temperature it is set on. Generally, lab ovens have a temperature range of ambient to 300 degrees Celsius. There are various types of lab ovens in the market, categorized under vacuum-type ovens or convection-type ovens. 

When you use a lab oven, a product that can reach dangerous temperatures, you should take some safety precautions. While this equipment is usually easy to operate, taking a few precautions can protect you and your investment. To shop for the best lab ovens, you may take a look at LeDAB vacuum ovens

Safety tips to remember while operating a lab oven 

  • Keep it in a safe place. 

First of all, when using the lab oven, place it in a safe, clean, indoor, and moisture-proof environment. The oven coming in contact with any form of dampness or moisture may lead to corrosion, and your investment will not last as long as you need it to. Additionally, ensure the oven is at least a 4-inch distance from the wall and an 11-inch distance from the ceiling. 

  • Inspect the oven before using it. 

Once you have placed it in a safe environment, make sure you check the device carefully before beginning to operate it. Check its cord and outlet for any signs of damage. Also, ensure that the temperature sensing devices are properly installed. 

  • Switch on the power supply. 

Before you place samples inside the oven, make sure the power supply is connected prior to switching the unit on. If your oven has a blower, run it both during the heating and thermostatic process, or the temperature distribution may be disrupted and damage the heating element. Then, set the temperature as suitable for your samples. 

  • Take it for service. 

Some people do not take their machine for service even when they see it is not working properly. Do not make this mistake. If you witness any minor or major signs of malfunctioning, take your device for service immediately to avoid any hazards. Using defective equipment can cause life-threatening accidents. 

  • Do not exceed maximum temperature. 

Always operate the lab oven at a suggested temperature and do not exceed the maximum limit. Also, remember to switch off the oven after use to avoid power wastage. When handling the device at high temperatures, make sure to use gloves to protect yourself from accidental burns.


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