Health Benefits Of Grass-Fed Meat

Cattle are ideally reared in pastures. Naturally they are meant to feed on grass. However, today, due to the increased demand for meat, some Cattle are reared solely for the purpose of consumption. To bulk up the animals and increase their flesh content, herds are fed with grain-based products, usually made from corn and soy. Sometimes the gain-fed animals are also treated with steroids and antibiotics to protect them from potential infections and diseases. Since the originality of grass-fed meat is not tampered with; there are several health benefits that it offers. 

Let’s talk about the most prominent benefits-  

1] Fewer calories

Since grass-fed animals consume more natural and clean diet, their total fat content is lower. Research has suggested switching to grass-fed meat from the typical meat as it can save you from 16,642 calories a year. Which definitely makes it a healthier option. 

2] Rich in electrolytes

Sodium, potassium and magnesium are the main electrolytes that a human body requires. When people undertake a keto lifestyle, they can face a condition called as the Keto flu wherein the electrolytes aren’t replenished once they’re flushed out. Grass-fed meat is a rich source of electrolytes and has them in abundance. 

3]Healthy fats

Beef is often criticized for its fat content. One important thing to note is that grass-fed meat actually contains fats which are more healthy than harmful. Grass-fed meat possesses omega–3 fatty acids, which have several health benefits. For instance, the consumption of these fatty acids alleviates rheumatoid arthritis, helps with managing depression, helps improve focus in people with ADHD, and so on.  Grain-fed meat, on the other hand, has 6 times lower omega–3 fatty acids and higher levels of omega–6 fatty acids. 

4] Decreased risk of heart disease

It is a popular and widely accepted notion that red meat increases the chances of heart disease. Clinical evidence suggests an excessive consumption of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is known to reduce the risks associated with cardiac diseases.  Grass-fed meat has ample CLA which improves heart functioning by constituents like antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, lower amount of bad cholesterol etc. 

Grass-fed meat also contains less bacteria, supports healthy blood sugar levels, and is believed to be a defendant against cancer. It is an incredibly nutrient-dense protein, which good for human body. Grass fed meat at comes from sustainable farmers and is assuredly flavourful and succulent. 


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