E-mail Verification: Why Are Businesses Choosing Verification Services?

Businesses use different modes of communication for formal purposes. From connecting with the clients and customers to implementing some marketing strategy, modes of communication like e-mail, phone and letters are used for this purpose. While businesses are usually notified by the existing clients about change in phone number, physical addresses and e-mails, this does not happen in case of customers. A business with a loyal customer base cannot keep track of all the changes happening to customer’s physical address, email or phone number. This why often wrong people end up getting the messages or the emails does not get delivered resulting in bounces. While a bounced mail might not seem to be that much noticeable, it can actually cause some real issues with online reputation. People who are not supposed to receive the message, often receive them due to typos. People tend to mark the sender addresses as spams when such a situation occurs. Getting marked as spam by multiple people will end up in getting the address blocked which is not favorable for a business.  

What The Verifier Can Do For Us?

The list of e-mails for executing an email marketing strategy are usually bought or collected from the submitted emails. The mail addresses in these lists can get changed or there might be some typing mistake that will end up in typing a wrong or invalid address. Then there are some addresses that are spam traps and sending messages to these addresses would be nothing but real issues. There are various reasons for bouncing mails. The domain to which the main address belonged is now non-existing. When there is a job-based email address, it will be changed once the person gets promoted or shifts the job. In case of change of position with promotion, the person will get a new e-mail id and the previous one will be invalid. If your email provided closes down their service, your emails will fail to get delivered. All these contribute towards a faltering marketing strategy. Only email verification services can help to save your marketing strategy.

Role Of Verification

The verification process checks all the email address in the list and marks the addresses to tell their status. The email addresses are marked with notes like valid, invalid and risky which helps to choose the e-mails effectively to send messages to. A business will have a shorter list of customers to connect with but that is at least better than some bounces. In addition to this, each of the mail sent to the customers is paid for. Though the cost of individual mails might not be that much bothering, it will ultimately be a waste of money when several of your mails bounce on every go. Time, along with money is also wasted n mails that won’t reach a recipient. This is where email verification plays the most interesting role by helping to remove the invalid and risky mail addresses. It will save time of your employees while saving your valuable monetary resources in the long run. 


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