Which Is Better Option – PG or Independent Room For Rent?

When you move to big cities like Gurgaon and Hyderabad, finding accommodation can be a challenging task. Youngsters generally have two options, either renting a Paying Guest accommodation or getting a room for rent. Most of the students and working professionals are looking for an option that is economical and provides the necessary facilities. The paying guest accommodations offer the best accommodation at affordable prices. Whereas renting a room offers the flexibility of movement but, it might cost more than the former. Many people get confused while making the choice so, it is better to read about them before making the final choice:

  • Social Security

People always prefer the accommodation that provides the best security in Gurgaon. In this scenario, it is better for a single tenant to live in a PG as you can enjoy social security. Even in case of an emergency, people around you can provide you with help. Moreover, there is no need to engage in household chores, which ensures that you can focus on your studies/job.   This is why the majority of people are choosing attractive pg in Gurgaon. While getting a room on rent, you may not enjoy the security to much extent.

  • Facilities

The PGs offer amenities such as cable TV, refrigerator, and other facilities. This means there is no need to spend extra on purchasing these items. While getting a room for the rent, you can’t enjoy these facilities. Also, PG’s provides a Wi-fi facility so that students and employees can get access to the internet.

  • Food

Most of the PGs include the option of getting breakfast and dinner daily. You need to ask the owner whether that cost is included in the rent itself or not. This means that you are saved from the hassle of cooking and cleaning. Unlike PG, if you are getting a room for rent, you have to cook by yourself.

  • Paying Bills

If you choose PG accommodation while studying in Hyderabad, then you don’t have to bother about paying bills. This is not the case while getting a room in a rented house. If you decide to get a fruitful room for rent in Hyderabad, you have to pay bills on your own.

Paying guest accommodation is viable, pocket-friendly, and provides a lot of flexibility. There are several advantages of staying in paying guest accommodation, and therefore people are choosing for paying guest accommodation over renting a room.


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