Motorboat Rental in Tenerife and Ibiza

Motorboat Rental in Tenerife and Ibiza

Motorboat rental is the perfect choice for those who adore speed and dream of journeys where the sea meets the sky. Renting a motorboat allows you to experience an incredible surge of positivity and make your dreams come true. In many companies offering motorboat rental services, various models with experienced captains are available. Booking rental boats in Tenerife is convenient and easy, for example, through the website

How to Rent a Motorboat?

  1. Fill out the form on the website, specifying the rental period and the number of guests.
  2. Browse the catalog and compare the features of the available motorboats.
  3. Select and book the option that suits you.
  4. Confirm your booking via SMS or email.
  5. Arrive at the port 15 minutes before departure.

Comparison of Motorboats with Yachts

Sailing and motor yachts are large vessels with several cabins, often ranging from 15-30 meters in length and accommodating up to 20 people. In contrast, motorboats are usually smaller, can be open or multi-decked, with lengths up to 15 meters and accommodating up to 10 people.

Types of Leisure Motorboats

  • Cruisers: 7-10 meters long, equipped with cabins, a kitchen, and a toilet. Ideal for family or friendly outings.
  • Day Cruiser: for day trips with an open deck, suitable for picnics, swimming, or active leisure for a few hours.
  • Runabout: compact, sporty motorboats for 2-5 people, ideal for short high-speed trips.
  • Bowrider: boats with a cockpit at the front, suitable for short sea trips.
  • Deck Boats: larger capacity and comfort, often with facilities for cocktails and barbecues.
  • Fishing Boats: equipped for comfortable fishing, available in small or large premium classes.
  • Cuddy Cabin: 5-9 meter long motorboats with a high deck and an enclosed cabin, suitable for short cruises.
  • Trawler: high-seaworthiness boats with full autonomy, ideal for long trips with a small group.

These diverse types of rental motorboats offer unique opportunities for leisure on the waters of Tenerife and Ibiza, promising unforgettable experiences from sea excursions. You can rent a motorboat in Ibiza, for instance, through the company at the link


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