Inspecting a duplex house in Montreal: Things to keep in mind

Are you looking for duplex houses in Montreal? If you saw a duplex house on sale and plan to buy it, the next step is to hire an expert for building inspection. 

For hiring a building inspector, one of the first things you have to make sure of is that you hire inspection agencies like MCM duplex Inspection. Let’s see what other factors are important. 

Factors to keep in mind while choosing an inspector 

While choosing an inspector, ensure that the person has experience inspecting duplex homes. You can vouch on customer testimonials and suggestions by family and friends to find an inspector. 

When it comes to building inspection, the experience, the quality of service, and the certifications the person has are the most crucial factors in choosing the inspector. 

Do you need a building inspector?

It is a very subjective question. Most people hire inspectors to make sure the house has the structural quality and safety to reside. 

However, you can skip the step if you are not making a sizable investment in the property or how much you are willing to change if you detect defects after the purchase. 

If you are a regular buyer who plans to move in after buying the duplex, such that you do not want to waste money on renovations after the purchase, you need a building inspector. 

What to do after hiring the inspector?

You can do the first round of inspection of the house by yourself. If you find any tell-tale signs, you can make a note of them and ask the inspector later. 

While the inspection is ongoing, you can make a checklist and see if the person has covered all the spots in the list. If the building inspector gives a negative review, you can reconsider buying it or negotiate with the seller to take corrective measures. 

Also, if you cannot understand the technical details in the inspection report, feel free to ask your inspector about it. 

Final Takeaways 

A duplex house is a long-term investment, so a thorough inspection is a must-do step. After asking your friends and family, you can shortlist a few inspection agencies. 

Most building inspectors today have websites and contact details online. You can interview a few of them and choose one who meets all your criteria. 

Beyond experience and qualifications, if you are confident that the expert can inspect the house efficiently, hire that person.


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