How to determine if a Mobile Archiver POC is Successful?

Technology has made it more difficult to distinguish between personal and professional lives. To protect sensitive data and comply with regulations, mobile archivers are vital.

Any business that fails to protect confidential information through archive mobile communications can adhere to regulatory compliance mandates. They may also be vulnerable to cyber attackers, easily breach networks.

Consequences For Failing To Archive Motobile Communication

Hackers can use social engineering attacks such as phishing to access any corporate network through their employees’ mobile devices. Hackers can use malware or unsecured WiFi networks for large-scale threats to organizations to access their networks. Text request found that 89% of consumers wish to communicate with businesses via text. As technology advances, so does the challenge of this type of communication. Strict system to secure confidentiality is one of the best solutions to this problem and AT&T SMS archiving is the best choice for this service.

Mobile Archiving Sollution: The Compliance Case

Due to the increasing use of text messaging for business purposes and calls made from personal mobile phones, policymakers and regulators worldwide have released new laws. All business communications made via mobile devices are considered business records and must be kept to ensure transparency and compliance. From finance to healthcare to education, businesses of any type can now benefit from mobile archiving. An integrated mobile archiving system can:

  • Capture communication from a wide range of mobile channels.
  • Respond to regulatory inquiries by easily searching for the right information.
  • Eliminate compliance risk with continuous mobile call and text message monitoring features.
  • Go beyond compliance to gain valuable business insight.
  • Support BYOD and remote work policies.

A business should not put itself at risk of regulatory compliance. They must ensure that the company and its staff are protected and the customers and clients who use its products and services. A mobile archiving service like Whatsapp call monitoring can help businesses reduce their vulnerability to hackers. Your archiving services will be most effective if proven to work for your company and keep everything confidential safe from possible threats.

To know more about determining if a mobile archiver POC is successful, you can read this infographic from TeleMessage. 




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