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What is dropbox?

Dropbox is a file hosting service that is sometimes known as “cloud storage.” It is one of the most well-known and widely used cloud storage services. Whether working alone or with colleagues and clients in company and firm, you can store and share files, collaborate on projects, and bring your finest ideas to life. All of your files are backed up to the cloud and accessible from anywhere using Dropbox for business. You may save, access, and share your vital information from any device, at any time. Dropbox links allow you to share files and folders with others without having to send hefty attachments with security.

Although the free version of Dropbox will suffice for some, but people who require more capacity and functionality considers the subscription choices. There are numerous other dropbox alternatives apps used by different companies for security purpose.  For example, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Sync, and Google Drive commonly used in Germany.

How does Dropbox works?

When you sign up for Dropbox, you’re given a set amount of storage space in the “cloud,” which is an online own server. Any files you store locally in Dropbox will be copied to the Dropbox own server when you install the Dropbox software on your PC, mobile device, or both.

Dropbox for business does, however, contain certain automated functions that can come handy to a company. When you make modifications to any files submitted through the desktop app, for example, they are automatically updated. This means that if you make modifications to these files in one location, the changes are automatically replicated throughout the system. You can simply view your Dropbox files from anywhere and share them with others by synchronizing them locally and online with provided security and DSGVO complaint.

This technique protects your files from technical difficulties with your machine. If your hard drive crashes, your images and other vital documents, for example, will not be lost forever if they are stored in the cloud. Even if you believe your computer is safe, there’s always the risk of it being damaged, dying on its own, or being stolen.

Features of dropbox

While Dropbox is primarily an online storage service that syncs information between your own devices and the cloud, it also has a lot of other capabilities:

  • It’s available on the web or through apps for Mac, PC, and mobile devices running iOS and Android. Everything in Dropbox is encrypted with 256-bit AES, regardless of the version you’re using.
  • The service also saves a versioned history of your data so you can restore them in the case of a malware or ransomware attack, or even if you accidentally delete them. The free version allows the company in Germany to recover files for 30 days, while subscription tiers allow you to recover files for up to 180 days.
  • Dropbox für Unternehmen also has collaboration capabilities like Dropbox Spaces, which allows teams to collaborate on documents, share notes, and edit in real time.

Cost of dropbox

Dropbox’s basic service is free and comes with 2 GB of online storage. Dropbox Plus is $10 per month and gives you 2 TB of storage. Dropbox Professional is the most expensive plan, costing $20 per month and including up to 3 TB of storage space as well as additional features including quick full-text search and a 120-day file history with versioning. Dropbox also comes in business and company editions, each with its own pricing in Germany.

Dropbox and the smart sync

Another significant distinction between the free and paying Dropbox plans is the latter’s inclusion of “Smart Sync.” To summarize, Smart Sync enables you to designate files created on your desktop as “online only.” You can access and edit them whenever you want on your computer, but unless you opt to download them, they will not be saved locally with DSGVO complaint. Company who doesn’t have Smart Sync won’t be able to save data completely in the cloud. This is unlikely to be an issue if you have lots of internal storage space. Paying more to have access to the Smart Sync feature will be money well spent for individuals who frequently exceed their local storage space.


Therefore, Dropbox organizes files into a single location on the user’s computer by generating a dedicated folder. The contents of these folders are synchronized with Dropbox’s own servers as well as other computers and devices where the company has installed Dropbox, ensuring that all devices have the same files. There are other dropbox alternatives also available with DSGVO complaint.


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