CNC Machining – Why It’s the Most Efficient Method?

The question of precision has always been of utmost significance in the machining industry. There was a time when the precision of the job was dependent entirely on the skill of the machinist. Now, with the advent of CNC machining techniques, the ability to comprehend the design and write flawless code can give you the desired output.

The CNC operations in Montreal are so advanced that the companies like LOCUS Precision CNC machining have set new standards in the industry. Considering the precision of the job they put forth, the machining industry in Montreal is reaching the optimum performance in decades.

CNC machining is mostly used in the mass production of equipment that requires high precision in production. Generally, CNC machining techniques are broadly classified into 5:

  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Electrical discharge machining.

Advantages of CNC Milling

Milling is the process of removing excess material from a stationary workpiece with the help of a rotating cutting tool. The tool is made of a material that is harder than the workpiece. This helps in optimum use of the tool and minimum wear to job completion ratio.

CNC milling has offered a wide range of advantages. The most important one is the precision of the job. Since human errors can be eliminated to a large extent, the precision is increased exponentially. The method is fast and cost-effective. A wide range of materials can be machined in this method.

Advantages of CNC Lathes

Turning is the process of material removal from a rotating workpiece using a stationary tool. The sharpness of the tool is crucial in turning. CNC lathes are very popular because of the time efficiency they offer.

CNC lathes cut the machining time to almost half as compared to conventional lathes.

  1. CNC lathes are cost-effective in mass production.
  2. The quality of the job is exceptionally high in CNC turning technique.

In general, CNC machining has offered many perks to the production industry. They have taken the overall efficiency of the machining industry to a whole new level. The low dependence on highly skilled labor has created myriad job opportunities in the machining industry.

Educated people can now find quality jobs through CNC machining. The opportunities it has created in Montreal for people with brilliant design ideas are outstanding. If your business has similar requirements, do check out companies such as Locus to explore the range of services they offer.


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