Consider the dimensions of the room you are decorating about the height and form of the tree. Properties of the foliage, such as color and realism, and the lighting choices available are also crucial factors to consider. Some of our christmas hanging decorations available internationally wholesale, such as our FLIP TREES, have unique characteristics that may be customized to meet your requirements.

Terms you should be familiar with regarding christmas hanging decorations

BRANCH SAMPLE Package: An special preview kit available only from Balsam Hill that includes individual branches of some of our most popular trees by international wholesale.

CORNER TREE: A space-saving tree designed to fit snugly in a corner

FLATBACK TREE: A space-saving tree that lays flat against a wall

FLIP TREE: Our easy set-up Christmas tree that rolls into place and flips upright to eliminate heavy lifting

CLASSIC NEEDLES: Thin, papery needles made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC); typically seen on traditional artificial Christmas trees

FLIP TREE: Our easy set-up Christmas tree

“Fluffing” refers to shaping branches or foliage to obtain its optimum form. “Flocking” is an additional component that provides a look similar to frost or snow.


Tree branches that are pre-attached to the center pole for quick assembly


Trees with professionally shaped memory wire branches that fan into place after the tree section is untied

REGULAR/FULL TREES: The classic tree profile characterized by an expansive silhouette and abundant foliage HINGED BRANCHES: Tree branches that are pre-attached to the center pole for quick assembly HINGED BRANCHES:

SLIM TREES: Christmas trees that have a narrower width in comparison to full trees

TREE STAND: A solid, X-shaped steel base that is supplied with every Balsam Hill tree

FULL TREES: Christmas trees that have a wider height than they do width

After selecting a Christmas tree:

  1. Think about the motif you will use and the kinds of ornaments you will hang on it.
  2. Decorate it with various baubles, tree picks, ribbons, and garlands that match.
  3. Choose a tree topper and accessorize your Christmas tree with a skirt, collar, or replacement stand to finish off the appearance.


Decorate other areas of your house and your Christmas tree with fake foliage to provide a more natural look. While wreaths and garlands are lovely decorations for doorways and mantels, potted trees provide joy to dining rooms and other modest places.


CENTREPIECE: A foliage piece meant to be set on a table, typically with a space for a candle • GARLAND: A lengthy section of greenery that is often used on fireplace mantels, doors, and windows.

POTTED TREE: A tree housed in a beautiful pot is often used as an accent rather than the primary Christmas tree. • SWAG: A symmetrical greenery arrangement placed on a mailbox, door, or mantel.

The Bottom Line

A tiny tree trimmed into a decorative form and exhibited on patios, along doors, or in corners • TEARDROP: greenery shaped like a teardrop and commonly hung on a door • TOPIARY: greenery shaped like a teardrop and often hung on a door.A n arrangement in the shape of a circle that is often hung on doors and windows


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