Choose Your Backpack Well For The Adventure

One of the first steps to start a backpacking trip is to choose your inseparable companion. It will be the closest thing to your home, and you will love it and hate it simultaneously. So it is essential to make a good decision.

Buying a good backpack is a long-term investment. If you buy a quality one and take proper care of it, it can last a lifetime. And you want it to be because I assure you that once you start backpacking, you will not be able to travel any other way.

When it comes to choosing, there are specific characteristics of a travel backpack that, for me, are non-negotiable. Certain aspects make a backpack suitable or not for travel. Let’s see them:

Comfort: Little to add, you will be carrying the backpack for many hours, and if it bothers you, it will give you the trip; you should try it well before buying it, even that you try it with weight to notice the sensation with it on.

Be between 40L and 60L: The fewer liters, the better you will load it, and it will weigh less. Between 40L and 50L is ideal because many of them can be put as hand luggage and have them well controlled in addition to carrying only what is necessary.

Breathable back: Nowadays, almost all backpacks are prepared with a ventilation system on the back, something that will provide you with great comfort when carrying it all day.

Easy access to the interior: The backpack must have a large opening that allows you to access all of it; in this way, you will have access to all your belongings.

Integrated rain cover: Basic, not only to protect the backpack from the water when it rains but to cover it when you leave it somewhere and you want to make sure it is difficult to open it.

Adjustable to the back: A backpack must be well adjusted not to disturb and distribute the weight well. Many have a male and female version, and others have sizes to make them more comfortable.

The more compartments, the better: A good backpack for backpacking has to have many compartments, to be able to have everything well stored and located, especially inside, since the exterior is good that it is compact to avoid possible theft.

Weight: When we choose a backpack, we must consider its weight since everything adds up, and this is an essential quality so that we suffer less on the way. A quality backpack usually weighs between 1 and 2 kg; the lighter, the better.


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