Some of the Highlights about BVMW 

The German Association for Small and Medium Sized Business is also called as a BVMW. The BVMW board of director is Mario Ohoven. It also has an advisory board whose members some popular personalities are like Markus Jerger, Andreas Jahn, Diana Scholl, Hans Jurger Volz and many more are there. They have a liaison officer in Europe and the office cooperates with 58 countries that have offices to help small and medium sized business. BVMW is a politically autonomous body, which helps all the commercial branches and profession including business and voice of the middle class German to reach to the people.

About BVMW – 

One of the most pivotal areas where the BVMW works is to indicate or suggest the interest of the small and medium sized business in the politics and the German economy. It is like an ally to the medium sized business and some of the consultant network companies. BVMW creates a business impulse for the small and medium sized business including network for German SME’s. Major companies and trade unions get administrative authority by BVMW. BVMW aims to set a networking contact between the different organizations and the trade unions. There is approximately 3.3 million of medium sized and small sized business, which acts as a business impulse of the economy.

If you have a membership of BVMW who runs network for German SMEs and networking contacts and consultant network then you can help them in getting back the or strengthening the condition of the small and medium sized business. With the BVMW membership you can get a platform for public relation work and much more and this is one of the benefits no matter you are a middle class Germany. The BVMW also works for a enhanced German economy and also political framework at all levels, including the middle class Germany.

Platform for Businesses – 

Apart from that, BVMW besides helping the small and medium sized business influences the legal regulations and bills, and creates a platform where the opinion of such business is taken into consideration including the middle class Germans. The small and medium sized business includes the consultant network companies and network for German SMEs. They are the ones who make up to 99% of the business in German economy, by paying sales tax. Digitization has also given rise to business impulse in Germany to some extent and this has encouraged the middle class Germans to enter into business.

Job Opportunities – 

Business impulse has also greatly helped the consultant network companies and network for German SMEs including the middle class Germany. Apart from all of these, the small and medium sized companies have created 70% of the job opportunities for people including the middle class. Digitization has changed the face of job opportunities and how it worked; now there are 80% of the job chances for the middle class Germans and others. BVMW is a kind of informal networking with the ally of medium and small sized business. One of the major things that it does is that it helps businesses and achieves their goals and accomplishes their task through contacts or networking.

Enhance Relations – 

BVMW also offers business impulse for the small and medium sized business and allows them to enhance their public business relationship. In your business and networking contacts, you gain a experience of international level, and for that you have to be a part or member of BVMW. It helps you to enhance and grow your economy in en number of ways. It also works specially for the political success and helps the voice of the middle class reach the higher authorities, it includes the middle class Germans also.

Expand Your Network – 

If you are a small or medium sized business and want to expand your network or you are middle class businesspersons and want to connect politically and expand your networking contacts then you should definitely become a member or part of the BVMW, the German association for small and medium sized business. There are many opportunities that is given to the people to enhance their networking, gain international experience and also enhance or better the economy of ones country or Germany or as the case may be. The BVMW also works internationally and there are many countries like Brazil, Qatar, Japan, and India etc. who are a part or member of the BVMW.

BVMW also has a wide range of trade information with them, which helpful for many trade companies and companies from different countries. There is also international trade, so if you are also a kind of small and medium sized business then you can be a part of it.


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